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2014 Fiat Punto Evo Road Test

“The 2014 Fiat Punto Evo offers great value for money, best in-class seats and the best ride dynamics in its segment. If you doubt my words, you should take a test drive.. Honestly”

Fiat India has been delivering its promises to the Indian market, call me an eagle-eyed scout but the Italian car manufacturer has rolled up its sleeves and been a busy man doing things on his own now. The previous Punto was no doubt a great car, all it lacked was that zing element called life! Well I might get into an argument with Fiat Punto fans now, but honestly the previous Fiat Punto was lifeless! Well that said, let me talk you through the new Fiat Punto Evo, well it’s just a great car in simple terms!!

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The 2014 Fiat Punto Evo looks exciting on the exterior, this new Evo edition does get substantial design elements and designs which make the car more appealing to the Indian buyers. At the front, the headlamps are redesigned, which wraps around the front fender. The radiator grill has been redesigned, the new one does get a chrome finish inlay. The front bumpers are redesigned too, this now gets a redesigned air dam in the middle and new chrome surrounds finish. The strong character lines make the car look aggressive on the sides and the new tail lamps with LED surrounds make it stand apart. In the inside, there is a new infotainment system which packs decent audio out-put. There is Bluetooth connectivity and voice detection which works!

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The 2014 Fiat Punto Evo as talked earlier has some design improvements. The front bonnet has been redesigned to accommodate the larger headlamps. These clear headlamps does offer style over substance, does a good job of illuminating the front portion of the road effortlessly. Switch between the low and the high-beams, this does the job properly. The reason why I brought it now is because, in certain cars, there is an additional after-market accessory or what is referred to as cut-out’s are required to get the most of the illumination, in this case you do-not require any of those. Further on the radiator grill, is freshly designed and you get a simple rectangular radiator grill which has curved edges surrounded with chrome. Moving away, the front bumpers are redesigned to accommodate a larger air-dam with integrated fog lamps. These fog lamps do get chrome surround, and it is nicely finished.

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The side quarter is largely unchanged, the door handles get chrome garnish and does work well. The B-Pillar is finished in matte-black for elegant looks. The outside rear view mirrors get integrated turn indicators. The strong body line which runs across the shoulder does make a strong presence. The alloy wheels are redesigned and offer premium looks to the car. The rear profile does get substantial chrome treatment, which is noticeable in the first glance. The rear tail lamps are redesigned, and now get LED lights and do the job brilliantly. The only feature, which is worth the critic, is the rear bumper. The rear bumper is redesigned, as however the Punto Evo retains the same rear fog lamp placement on its bumpers but the thing is it does not do its job especially here in India. The chrome louvers where in fact not required at all,. If the same was finished in a satin matte black color it could have been less flashy and looked even meaner on the outside. With the chrome, this could be rust prone! The badge on the rear deck-lid is the same as early, but the new Punto Evo Badge looks interesting.

Fiat Punto rear quater
When we step inside the car, the car has practical interiors. The soft plastic on the dashboard is to be appreciated, along with the mood lighting which is a nice feature. The steering wheel retains Fiat trademark three spoke design with, audio and phone functionality buttons on the steering wheel. To dig in deep, the seats on the 2014 Fiat Punto Evo are interesting. The front driver seat is height adjustable, and it offers a comfortable driving position according to your needs. The steering wheel is tiltable, so the driver can match his controls according to his needs. The seats provide good lumbar support and do the job of hugging you properly. The thigh support is good even at the rear it offers comfortable seating position for 4 adults properly. The rear does get air con vents, which is a practical and a thoughtful feature. The rear seats are a 60:40 split set, you have a wide range of permutation and combination which could be made according to your specifications. The seats fold out completely, so that you can use it effectively. The boot space is good, roomier than an average, hatchback, this does pack a lot of room!

Fiat Punto Interiors 1
The instrumentation gauges are analogue, coupled with a multifunctional display in the middle which reads out Odometer, Trip A & B meter, Average Fuel Consumption in trip A & B, Average Time and Average Speed. You also get instant fuel consumption figures, which Is useful.
The central console gets the infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity on the top end variant. There is a USB and AUX interface, which comes in handy. The stereo is decent and plays CD, FM, and AM along with USB & AUX playback options. The climate control works well, you can choose between automatic and manual settings for your temperature control. The rectangular air con vent looks rather small, but does manage to pull out fresh air to the cabin, however there is a scope for improvement. The sun-glass holder, just above the central air con vents does hold a descent pair of Ray-Ban’s and can be used as a storage bin. Looks practical though! The 12V auxiliary power outlet is placed near the gear knob, just below the hand brake lever, but does work in doing its job. The glove box gets illuminated, which adds to practicality of the vehicle. The mood lighting is an added feature, you may like it or may not, but this feature is a thousand times better than those day time running lights offered on the Hyundai’s.

Fiat Punto Audio System
The 2014 Fiat Punto Evo is powered by Fiat’s trusted 1.3L Multi-Jet diesel engines. The one we drove was the diesel variant. This offers the least turbo lag and decent fuel efficiency figures. The 2014 Fiat Punto Evo Diesel variant is powered by the 1.3L Multi-Jet block, which we did drive the 90HP variant for this drive, the car drove effortless in the city and on the highway. The engine is delivers power in the mid band and is quite manageable and decent. Even with the Sport 90HP variant, the car did feel sluggish if you are expecting the get up and go performance, you may have to slice in an ECU remap. This is all thanks to the car’s weight, if this were to be a bit light this would have performed better and would have been even more fun to drive. What the 2014 Fiat Punto loses out, gains equally in the handling segment. The car feels rock solid even with speed in an excess of 140KM/H the car feels planted. Throw it to a corner and just gun it, this would do what you say without breaking sweat! Ground clearance is good, it can handle minor off-roads with ease. We did a bit of off-roading as you can see in the pictures, the car did provide a decent ride and its so nicer to drive. This is not as soft as the Maruti’s or the Hyundai’s this has been properly designed for Indian drivers and Indian road conditions.

Fiat Punto  rear  AC vents

Fiat Punto rear seats

Fiat Punto Rear Boot with seats completlety folded

Fiat Punto Engine Bay
Overall the car is built to last, the engine needs a slight tune to get more power under the hood. If you are a mature driver, you will find this as practical and good value for your money. The car looks good, drives well and handles bumpy patch really well. Safety features include dual air-bags and ABS, the seat belts are height adjustable too. Well the price is good too, if I have to critic, the car is heavier on the downside.
2014 Fiat Punto Evo 90HP Sport
Overall Length 3987mm
Over All Width 1687mm
Over All Height 1495mm
Ground Clearance 185mm
Boot Capacity 280ltr
Fuel Tank Capacity 45ltr
Turning Radis 5M

Engine Specifications:

Maximum Power 90BHP @ 4000RPM
Maximum Torque 209 Nm @ 2000 RPM
Fuel Consumption Overall C&B Tested 18km/L without AC
16km/L with AC

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2014 Fiat Punto Evo
  • Stunnig Looks, Great Handling, Value for Money
  • Fit and Finish needs improvement, Engine laks grunt
  • The 2014 Fiat Punto Evo Road Tested! By The C&B Mag

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