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2016 Toyota Innova Interior -2

2016 Toyota Innova: Exterior, Interior, Engine and Performance Speculation

The 2016 Toyota Innova, which is currently undergoing road-tests, has stirred up quite an interest to prospective buyers and automotive enthusiasts. Recent spy pictures which have emerged on the internet reveal most of its exteriors, and we do learn from it that the new 2016 Toyota Innova is not just a mere facelift variant. We did catch up with the new 2016 Toyota Innova, which was on test and was on a fly on the outskirts of Bangalore and did manage to get to know more of it by visual inspection. Matter of fact all the speculations are based on what we saw on the test-run vehicle, we have not outsourced the interior picture from anyone but did manage to click the best one and publish online.

Exterior Features of the 2016 Toyota Innova

2016 Toyota Innova Front End Spy Shot
The 2016 Toyota Innova boasts a premium MPV stance, the overall shell design has completely been designed. Toyota’s new design language which is found on the new Toyota Camry and the new Toyota Corolla has been carry forwarded here. The 2016 Toyota Innova feels a bit more evolved in every way, starting from the windshield to the rear quarter everything is properly reworked. Starting from the windshield which looks a bit bigger the 2016 Toyota Innova gets a bold stance, the bonnet is completely redesigned and now gets strong character lines across the sides of the bonnet. The headlamps are redesigned and now it includes a double barrel projection lighting system with built-in LED lights. The radiator grill which is a complete redesigned feature gets horizontal slats which run down till the front bumpers. The front bumpers accommodate the new fog lamp cluster and the indicators. This feature, of incorporating the turn indicators on the front bumpers is a bold move by Toyota, which is similar to the ones found on the Toyota Etios Cross. But the existing Toyota Innova has turn indicators incorporated to its headlights. Overall the front end of the 2016 Toyota Innova is built exactly to Indian expectations such as bold design features and high driving position.
Taking about the side profile of the 2016 Toyota Innova, it gets the same muscular lines running across the shoulder and continues till the rear bumpers. The majority of the design change is at the rear end, instead of a boring third row window, Toyota has gone in for an angular inclination toward the rear making the car get a slant roofline without compromising on the rear headroom. The results of this are that the rear windshield is noticeably slant like the one’s found on the Range Rover. This new remarkable design modification makes the 2016 Toyota Innova stand out of the crowd. The wheel arches are flared proportionally but not overdone to make it look like an SUV.
The rear quarter, as mentioned earlier gets an inclined rear windscreen. With huge camouflage it is very hard to make out the changes made to the car, however we could manage to make out things a bit. Good job there Toyota, for camouflaging the 2016 Toyota Innova completely! The rear stop lights are again redesigned, these appear like an all new one as the brake lights just house the Stop Lights and the Turn Indicator. The rear hatch does get reflectors and reverse light incorporated to a horizontal bar, similar to the ones found on the current Toyota Innova Z variant. Moving below, its evident that, Toyota has managed to keep reflectors on the rear bumpers as before for safety purposes. Another thing which is worth mentioning is the rear windscreen wipers, these are now covered and looks better finished.
Interiors of the 2016 Toyota Innova

2016 Toyota Innova Interior -2
When the refreshed Toyota Innova was launched earlier, it was deemed boring and aged. We did try to get closer to the vehicle and found that there is a lot more happening on the inside as well. starting with the steering wheel, the 2016 Toyota Innova gets a three spoke steering wheel which is currently found on the Toyota Corolla. The 2016 Toyota Innova gets a similar one with steering mounted controls for audio and call functions. The dashboard gets the outline of a floating structure with a large TFT Display monitor for various functions such as Audio and other functionality. The Air-Con vents looked rectangular and were finished well. Expect a dual tone black interior for that classy look. The one which we saw was probably the top end variant. When observed, the 2016 Toyota Innova might get a keyless entry. The interiors were completely blacked out, but judging it from near the 2016 Toyota Innova gets better ergonomics on the inside and would retain the similar 3 row seating layout.
Engine and Performance on the 2016 Toyota Innova
The 2016 Toyota Innova gets the same underpinnings; the rear suspension set up is untouched based on visual findings. The ride may be better tuned for the new shell structure. However, the 2.5L D4D engine will be completely reworked. I did keep up with the 2016 Toyota Innova which was on test for a longer distance and I must admit the acceleration has been improved quiet a lot. Expect more power out-putt from the 2016 Toyota Innova. It is predictable that the car has better performance figures than the ongoing model.


2016 Toyota Innova rear quater
What to Expect out of the 2016 Toyota Innova
Well, it is said that the 2016 Toyota Innova will be showcased sometime next year and would be launched in early 2016. But it can be said, Toyota does plan its launch with market demand and various other factors which revolve around it.
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