Today's Date
17 January 2018

EcoBlue -Ford’s new diesel powerplant

When the entire world is looking forward towards autonomous cars with integrated electric turbines propelling the transistor driven four wheels, it seems like the inventor of mass motorcar manufacturing is looking backwards. Don’t get me wrong in the first glance, it seems like Ford is still making cars which people can afford and live with and also cars which can still be driven! I believe they would be one of the last car manufacturers to swap steering wheels with joysticks!


Very recently Ford has come up with a new engine, I’m quite surprised to be honest because they’ve manufactured a new diesel engine. Known as the ‘EcoBlue’ and true to its lineage of petrol engines, these new engines are more efficient and more powerful yet displacing a very less quantity of fuel. The new EcoBlue diesel engines will replace the existing TDCi range, which currently powers Fiesta, Focus, Transit and other Ford vehicles.


The EcoBlue engines shall be offered in various power outputs starting with a 98bhp and raising upwards with 104bhp, 128bhp, 169bhp, 197bhp and going all up to 237bhp. We can expect the 197bhp and the 237bhp EcoBlue engines to be powering the performance Ford hatchbacks such as the Fiesta and the Focus. What’s better is that Ford claim that these engines, produce a 20% more torque at 1250rpm’s.

Ford also claims that these new engines have improved emissions by 10% with a 13% better fuel economy. Expect the new EcoBlue to be powering the next Ford Transit vans.


I believe the EcoBlue range shall keep up with its petrol counterpart, and keep normal cars driving!

I am Rajeev Hanumantha Raj, an Indian absolutely amazed with Automobile. With lessons learnt from, here I am set to go global, starting from U.K!