Today's Date
24 February 2018

A New Turbocharged Suzuki Recursion patent filed

Suzuki has filed patents for a well-engineered motorbike, which comes equipped with a turbo-charger according to MCN. This Turbo Charged motorbike which is all set to be launched would bring back those glory days when motorcycles did get a turbo, but met with a tragic end.


As per the patents, the drawings show the detailed schematics representing the bike. From its 588cc parallel twin engine with a turbo producing 99BHP at 8000 RPM. Furthermore, what really sets this bike apart is the outstanding torque figure which comes at 74ft/lb at 4500 RPM! In simple terms this is what you wold get from a 1000cc bike and the Suzuki does it in half the revs.

The images further add on to the larger intercooler, which means the turbo boosting is significantly high

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