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24 February 2018

BMW Planning M100 Anniversary Model


BMW i8S will be visually different from the i8

Next year, BMW will celebrate its 100th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, BMW will be building a new model known as the M100. The M100 has been tipped to be a more hard core version of the BMW i8, rumoured to be the i8S or the i8CS. The name has not been decided.

AutoBild reports that the i8S will be more powerful than the i8. While i8 has a combined power output of 357 bhp, the i8S will have a more powerful electric motor in combination with a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine. The combined power output is expected to cross 500 bhp. The torque figure is expected to be around 700 Nm. This will be mated to a new eight speed automatic transmission developed by Aisin.

The estimated weight of the car is 1,600 kgs which is 100 kgs more than the i8. The BMW i8S accelerates to a hundred from a standstill in just 3.5 seconds. The i8 needs 4.4 seconds to do the same. The top speed of the car will be limited to 250 km/hr.

Reports suggest that the i8S will be visually different from the i8 and will be more sportier on road. The springs and dampers have been tuned for a tighter ride. The car will get much wider tires to increase grip and larger brakes to stop the beast.

BMW will build only 100 units of the i8S or i8CS. It will debut in March 2016 and deliveries are expected to commence in the September of 2017. Expect the BMW i8S to be super expensive.


BMW i8S will be more sportier than the i8

Source – BMW BLOG, World Car Fans

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