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17 January 2018
Ducati Diavel Titanium

Ducati Diavel Titanium to make way to U.K showrooms

Ducati Diavel Titanium, the company’s exclusive bike is all set to hit showrooms in the U.K. Ducati will only manufacture only 500 of these bikes and a select few would make it to the U.K. and the rest would be shipped to markets across the globe.

Ducati has taken inclusion of details into its Diavel series motorbike to the next level, with carbon fibre and billet aluminium parts. Ducati explains that the Diavel series gets an extraordinary combination of strength and lightness thanks to the inclusion of Titanium. The side and central headlamp covers are made out of Titanium and is chemically satin-etched to give the bike a distinctive appeal. Even the seats on the Ducati Diavel are hand stitched which is made out of Alcantara is embellished with leather inserts

Ducati Diavel

The exhaust get high quality satin black paint, making it a bit more exclusive when compared to other versions. The wheels are now machine-forged with exposed aluminium making the Ducati Diavel as exclusive as it could get.

Each Ducati Diavel Titanium shall get, individually numbered tank mounted plaque (XXX/500)

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