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24 February 2018
Safe Roads

Safe Roads Campaign from Mercedes-Benz does it’s best to spread awareness

Safe Roads a unique corporate social responsibility initiate has been inaugurated by Mercedes-Benz in New Delhi, India. To make things clearer, I think this is the first time a luxury car manufacturer has stepped on the streets of Delhi and educated people about safety and this shows off their dedication and concern towards our community. On an average 140,000 people are killed on Indian roads, and this is to blame the lack of safety awareness among drivers and other road users. We, were personally happy when we saw that Mercedes-Benz believes that initiatives like Safe Roads can prevent up to 70% of road accidents on Indian roads.


This unique initiative was flagged off by Jochen Feese, Head of Accident Research, Sensor Functions and Pedestrian Protection, Mercedes-Benz Cars, in the presence of Mr. Eberhard Kern, Managing Director &CEO, MBIL, Mr. Erich Nesselhauf, MD&CEO, DICV and Mr. Manu Saale, MD & CEO, MBRDI.


‘Safe Roads’ is a road show that spreads the message of road safety through physical demonstration, visual aids and research reports. The physical demonstration will be undertaken with the use of exhibits that have been brought from Germany providing a real life experience of safety measures that can potentially save lives during road accidents:

The Belt-Slide exhibit enables visitors to experience the impact of seat belts in a simulated crash environment at low speed. The aim is to increase the percentage of seat belts usage for front row passengers including driver.

Airbags will also be on display (driver and passenger airbags, curtain airbags, knee bags, etc.).

A ‘Body in White’ (BiW) passenger car exhibit highlights some of the core elements of a car structure which have high tensile strength that can absorb most of the energy during a crash and minimize passenger car intrusions.


Alcohol goggles on display also provide a unique experience. Wearing these special types of glasses simulates the common ‘walk-the-line’ activity which causes loss of balance and delayed reaction times. Visitors will feel their susceptibility to impairments and realize the potential severe consequences due to alcohol consumption.

An absolute highlight is the original ESF (Experimental Safety) vehicle. The ESF 2009will be on display to showcase a glimpse of future of safety. The ESF illustrates trailblazing innovations in the field of safety like PRE-SAFE, Braking Bag, Interactive Vehicle Communication, etc., some of which have already found their introduction into current products.


I am Rajeev Hanumantha Raj, an Indian absolutely amazed with Automobile. With lessons learnt from, here I am set to go global, starting from U.K!