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24 February 2018

Volvo Lounge Console Concept


The work table can be turned to reveal a 17 inch screen


Volvo cars are known more for safety and less for luxury. The Volvo XC 90 has the image of a family hauler and not a luxury SUV. All that will soon change with the next generation XC 90 which is due to for release next month. The new model has more luxurious interiors and has more equipments and features on offer.

Volvo first removed the third row seats from the car and created more legroom for the second row. They called this model the XC 90 Excellence. Then they decided to remove the front passenger seat completely to create a SUV that seats only three. This allowed Volvo to come with new interesting ideas and included more features and offered more space and visibility. The Volvo XC 90 Lounge Console Concept has been created for chauffeur driven executives and busy business men who need more space and opportunities to relax and refresh themselves in between their busy schedules.

For the passenger behind the front passenger seat, Volvo now offers the Lounge Console to enhance the in-car experience. The designers have provided a large worktable which opens to reveal a vanity mirror. It also includes a storage tray for jewellery, make-up and personal accessories. The table rotates 90 degrees to display a 17 inch media screen. Volvo has also provided an additional storage area for shoes below the cushioned leg rest. For additional safety, they have also included a lockable storage box. The front passenger also gets a better visibility out front and a spacious environment.

This new design is unique in the premium luxury car segment. Unveiled in Shanghai, the car will certainly be more popular among the brand’s Chinese customers who prefer more leg space for the rear seat.


The work table has various functions including storage of personal accessories and it also has a mirror


Source – Autoblog

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