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24 February 2018
Yamaha XV950 Racer

Yamaha XV950 Racer revealed, styling does date back but with modern touches

Yamaha goes back to the drawing board to create a new range of Yamaha XV950 Racer. Inspired by Custom Bike builders Marcus Walz’s El Raton Asesino bike Yamaha is all set to launch this retro-styled racer in the U.K very soon.

The New Yamaha XV950 Racer carries the previous power plant, which was a 942cc Air-Cooled V-Twin Block, which belted out 50 BHP and 58.5 lb/ft. torque figures. This café racer teamed Yamaha XV950 Racer gets custom clip-on handle bars and a single round head lamp at the front. The retro image is further enhanced by the side facing number plates.

Yamaha XV 950 Racer

Yamaha XV 950 Racer

At the front Yamaha will be offering a 41mm diameter fork which will make the XV950 Racer 9mm longer than the original offering. Piggy bank reservoirs have been incorporated to the rear shock absorbers and gets a further 6mm of suspension travel.

Yamaha will be offering the XV950 Racer with a range of accessories and a choice to customise the bike completely. Yamaha has also gone back to its retro racing days offering the XV950 Racer with a candy blue paint job along with the fuel tank graphics from its Yamaha RD350.

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